Thursday, May 5, 2011

Norman Noronha attends book release occasion in Kuwait

Report: Gasper Crasto; Photos: Rewon Gomes

Article copied from IIK -
Goans - Making a Difference: Book Released in Kuwait on Goa’s Liberation Day

Article copied from IIK -

Goa after the Liberation, 50 years on, an editorial by the publisher Hazel Fernandes, briefly sums up the five decades which Goans have encountered since the Portuguese left after 451 years and bade goodbye to the tiny state of India in December 1961.
Goans, as we know from history, have been migrating to better pastures, outside Estrada de Portuguese (Portugal India) and it is uniquely recorded that Goans have been to Kuwait and other parts of the Gulf region in particular since the mid-1940s.
At the official release of the first edition of the book entitled ‘Goans – Making a Difference’, the dignitaries headed by the President of Goan Overseas Association of Kuwait, Raymond D’Sa, was full of praise for the initiative taken by Hazel Fernandes to present the book to mark this glorious occasion. Among those who attended were a wide spectrum of personalities from the press fraternity, and internet media.

The program commenced with Gaspar Almeida doing the honors of introducing the publisher's team, and a brief on the book. He expressed his proud feelings that this publication is yet again another first that Goans in Kuwait have achieved, which dwells on the individual efforts and achievements towards their success in the professional lifestyle as well as what they do to the community. "We have to support the efforts of all, whether they are government officials or technocrats as we move forward for the betterment of Goa and Goans".
A wide range of issues from Goa’s Freedom Movement, History of Goa, Reflections on the eve of Liberation Day, St. Francis Xavier, Festivals of Goa, Goa Hindu Festivals, Goa Muslim Festivals, Goan Culture, A Fat Goan Wedding, the Carnival, Goa Music, Goan Food, Goa Water Spots, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa Spice Plantations, Sao Joao Fest, Goa Tourism, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Konkani essays which included Views and Opinions, Kuwait and Goans, the ever popular Goan statesman and NRI Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro, Goans in Kuwait, News Media, Goans in Kuwait, personalities in Kuwait from a wide spectrum of sports, theatre, artistes, writers, teachers, doctors, commercial professionals, the youngest pilot, Goa’s young entrepreneurs in the IT and food trade, up to the recent mega international event - Global Goans Convention 2010 held in November 2010 in Kuwait, takes pride of place.
“It’s a collector’s item featuring some of the respected personalities among us in Kuwait, it is my desire to see more editions in the near future,” said Navelim Youth Centre President Agnello A.S. Fernandes.

Due to the overwhelming response, the publishers and the team is set to have a second edition in the first quarter of 2011. The attendees at the release programme also included Raymond Pereira, Neeta Fernandes, Norman Noronha, Tony Viegas, Rewon Gomes, Raymond Pereira, Sunoj Nambiar IIK, Gasper Crasto, Roshan Loreno, Mario Fernandes, Anthony Raymond, Manager of Darbar Restaurant, Cajetan Pereira [United Friends Club], Hazel Fernandes, Domingos Araujo [Kala Mogui Kuwait], Jacon Fernandes, Esperanca Crasto, among others, representing a wide spectrum of Goans and the Indian community involved in the banking, finance, trade and commerce, media, and other professions.
Many came forward on the dais and expressed pleasure in this unique book.
The overwhelming support expressed by Kuwait’s leading business enterprises as well as prominent Goan supporters like Souk VIP Centre, UAE Exchange Co., Sanjiv Kumar, Albano Pinto, Taal Restaurant, Oriental Insurance/Bader Al Mulla & Bros Co., Pascal B. Pinto, Oriental Restaurant, Nazareth Brothers, Jacob I. Fernandes [Colva United Centre], English Optics, Fidelis Fernandes [Kuwait Goan Association], Myra-Joel-Monica Elvira-Joseph D’Souza, AlRashed International Shipping Co., and Caesar Holidays (Caesars Travel Group), made the publisher's job much easier. Among the writers whose English and Konkani contributions are included in the book include Lambert Mascarehnas - former editor of Goa Today magazine, Dr.Joe D’Souza, Lino B. Dourado, Gasper Crasto, Pio Esteves, Norman Noronha, John Aguiar, and Gaspar Almeida with still photography of the post and pre-liberation of Goa era as well as the flora, funa and natural bounty of scenic tourist state of Goa.
Raymond D'Sa expressed his views that the concept of putting forward profiles of Goans in Kuwait and their organizational capabilities through the various cultural, sports, arts, and literally activities undertaken by their associations for a common understanding of friendship and promoting Goa's rich and diversified cultural goals. "I am impressed with the quality and content of the book and expressed his full support to continue this good work and bring out the next edition, while he congratulated the team involved in the publication", he concluded in his short speech.
A sumptuous dinner and thanksgiving prayers winded up the special event held at Hotel Kuwait Continental on 19th December 2010 and everyone took the opportunity to personally exchange season's greetings. To obtain your limited edition copy, email:,


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