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Best wishes on the Liberation Day of Kuwait

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Best wishes on the Liberation Day of Kuwait

 - Norman Noronha

I first came to Kuwait in the year 1987, and in 1990 was all set to go for my first vacation from Kuwait, that fateful year, the invasion took place and my dreams were shattered. Instead of flying by Air directly to Goa and being received joyfully by family members we had to go through all that painful journey partly by Road and partly by Air from Kuwait to Jordan via Iraq and finally reached our motherland and were welcomed with tears of joys and happiness by not only the near and dear ones but by so many other concerned people. These days can never be forgotten.

 After reaching Goa, I alongwith my fellow Navelkars (under the banner of Navelim Youth Center, Kuwait) had attended the rally at Panjim on 12th November 1990 thus showing our solidarity to Kuwait.
 I returned back to Kuwait in the year 1991, which gave me a second chance to earn a living in Kuwait, a few years later got married and in 1995 when Kuwait made visas open for families my wife also joined me. Before invasion there were not so many families in Kuwait like we see today enjoying a family life in togetherness.

Along with my family, I am very grateful to the country of Kuwait for giving me the chance to work in this country and earn my livelihood, enjoy a better standard of living and also support my family members back in Goa.

Wishing Kuwaitis, Government of Kuwait and the ruling family of Kuwait all the best on the liberation day of Kuwait. May God Bless Kuwait for many more years to come.

Jai Goa !!!! Jai India !!!! Jai Kuwait.

Norman Noronha

February 25, 2009

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(Photos courtesy: Navelim Youth Centre, Kuwait and archives of (Gaspar Almeida) )

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